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What Is FNX?

FNX is Fuel for Greatness...

I would like to introduce you all to my brand sponsor. The wonderful folks over at FNX approached me about a partnership between their brand and MMG recently, and after careful review of their product, I felt confident to get behind them in this new partnership.

Why FNX?

As everyone knows by now, the MMG Moto is "Keep It Sharp!" I originally came up with that moto because of the multiple meaning that could be behind it. At first thought, one would likely think of it as referring to a diamond sword used to slice away at the mobbing zombie attacking in the night. Perhaps because of the MMG logo, some would think it was a reference to an enchanted pickaxe, being used to claim a newly discovered vein of obsidian.

Though both of these references may be true, the MMG Moto means much more than that to me. "Keep It Sharp!" is also a reference to the healthy state of our minds, our bodies, and our souls. It is a call to become healthy and strong, and to maintain that level of  strength throughout our lives. 

In my wife's and daughter's MMA organization, they also have a motto similar to mine that they repeat to themselves every day: "Sharpen Your Blade". 

Both mean the same thing and have the same purpose. 

I believe part of "Keeping It Sharp" is to be keen on taking great care of our bodies - to get proper exercise each and every day. It is important to have a healthy diet and to inject physical activities into our daily routines.

And after reviewing the products offered at FNX, I believe that those products can greatly support and reinforce these goals. I use their products every day now along side my daily workouts, and I am already feeling a positive difference.

The great thing too, is that because of this partnership between FNX and MMG, all of my Followers and Subscribers will now automatically get 15% off of all purchase done through my own referral link: https://fnx.grsm.io/MMGStudios

You must use the Code: MMG15

Please let them know the General sent you and leave a comment what you have purchase and what you think about it. I will give you a very special shout-out for that on my next Minecraft video.

Remember to use the link AND the code to get your special MMG Discount.

Until next time, Master Miners...

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]

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Code: MMG15