5 best addons for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

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  • Minecraft PE has its own set of mods and addons to play around with.

  • We have compiled a list of the best Minecraft PE addons to try out when playing the game next time.

Minecraft PE is the answer to the prayers of all the gamers who don’t have a beefy computer that can run the Minecraft Java Edition. It comprises the best parts of the game and squeezes it all into a great mobile game. Minecraft Pocket Edition is arguably just as enjoyable as any other version of Minecraft and has its own set of mods, addons, shaders, and texture packs.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best addons that have been designed for Minecraft PE and how they end up changing the experience for the player.

5 best addons for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

1. Hallowed Hallow

Image credits: MCPE DL

Since ‘tis the season to be spooky, we decided that one of the best addons for Minecraft PE players to try would be the Hallowed Hallow. This Halloween themed addon features a new biome, a few new mobs, food, ore, a weapon, and brand new building blocks!

Players can explore the new haunted forest biome, which is stalked by various ghosts due to the strange disease that turned a peaceful forest into a cursed land.

Download the addon here.

2. Mob Towers

Image credits: MCPE DL

It is always a fun feat to raid naturally generated structures in Minecraft and collect all the different loots within. This Minecraft PE addon allows the players to do exactly that by adding eight new types of mob towers to raid and loot.

Each mob tower differs based on the biome they generate. The loot within the structure is determined by the kind of mob tower it is. Finally, at the top of the mob tower, players will encounter a mini-boss - the Tower Golem. Unlike the Iron Golem, the Tower Golem doesn’t drop iron ingots but does drop a few pieces of diamonds.

Download the addon here.

3. Villagers Come Alive

Image credits: MCPE DL

This particular Minecraft PE addon allows players to interact with villagers in ways that weren’t possible before. Unlike the genderless villagers that seem to be the norm in Minecraft PE, this addon creates two types of villagers in the game: male and female villagers who look like human players with different features.

Villagers can be bred by feeding cake to a male and female villager. You can even train villager guards by giving them an iron chest plate. Lastly, guards can be hired to protect the player by giving them gold ingots.

Download the addon here.

4. Furnicraft 3D

If you’ve ever created the most epic modern house in Minecraft PE and felt disappointed that you didn’t have more interesting furniture to add inside the rooms, then this addon is perfect for you.

The Furnicraft 3D addon features a ton of new furniture pieces that can be used to decorate those painstakingly designed builds in Minecraft PE. However, the addon is more for the people who create modern homes than those who prefer the medieval look and feel of Minecraft.

Download the addon here.

5. Herobrine Addon

Image credits: MCPE DL

In this Halloween season, it makes sense to play Minecraft PE with an addon that allows players to finally come face to face with Minecraft’s own horror story - Herobrine.

Herobrine is a creepy urban legend that has been mentioned in community forums and discussion panels for years. But with this Minecraft PE addon, players will indeed be haunted by Herobrine. You can spawn Herobrine using the crafting recipe. He can teleport, call in Wither Skeletons to fight for him, and even spawn TNT! Killing him will be difficult but is surely worth the experience.

Download the addon here.

Source: https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/5-best-addons-minecraft-pe-pocket-edition

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