Congratulations "the_end_diamond"

What’s going down, my Master Miners... 

This is an MMG 📣 Shout-Out!!! 

I would like to congratulate:


for being this week's inductee into the MMG “Hall of Honor”.

Omlet Arcade: the_end_diamond

Not only were you given a huge MMG 📣 Shout-Out during this week’s MineMaster Livestream at the General's Keep, your @omletarcade is currently being blasted across the entire MMG Network. To find the links to all MMG Social Media, visit

Your name was added to the MMG “Hall of Honor,” during the course of General’s Keep (Episode XIX) - A Minecraft Realms Adventure, and is also included on our MMG “Hall of Honor” page on

You were extremely active in the livestream chat and offered alot of great suggestions for the future episodes. Thank you once again for Following the General, I appreciate you and your support! 

If you would like your name added to the MMG “Hall of Honor”, all you have to do is show extraordinary support for the General, participate in my live-streams, or SUBSCRIBE to my @Youtube 

And because everyone knows that the General believes in supporting our community, I would like to request all MMG Followers and Subscribers make time to go visit this week’s winner on their social media and share some love.  Until next time, Miners... 

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


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