Meet the General...

What’s going down, my Master Miners...

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of my new followers…

I am the MineMaster General. I am not very tall, I dwarf in size compared to others. However, most people call me “General”. Why do I have that name? Well let me tell you…

I am a true-to-life survivalist. I like to live underground and I LOVE to mine! You might say I've become quite a “master” at it. I build large, enormous chambers, and great halls of the likes of my Great, Great, Great Grandfather when he and my lost kin built the great and legendary, Khazad-dûm. Some would remember it as the Mines of Moria...or remember them not. And not only have I become the master of mining I have been around a very, very long time….probably a lot longer than many of you have even heard of Minecraft, let alone played it. I was born way back when old man Notch was still around. They called my world MCPE Alpha 0.7.0, I think. The world as I knew it was very small, and I mean VERY small. Not like the world today where I can hike thousands of blocks in any direction without hitting an invisible barrier.  I remember living in a world where my only companions were sheep, cows, chickens, and pigs. And when night fell, I still had the basic Zombie, Spider, Skeleton, and Creeper...but nothing else. The terror had not yet come to the night skies, nor had Zombies learned to make babies. And those creepy-eyed Endermen? Well there was rumor...but I never once saw one. 

There wasn't much to do in the caves below. Oh yes, I mined the same typical coal, Iron, gold, and diamonds...but the redstone and Lapiz Lazuli had no practical use yet. I suppose technology had not yet progressed enough for that. 

However...I did learn to craft something amazing once. It was completely by accident really, it was a real piece of advanced technology. All I did was place 6 ingots of Iron with 3 diamonds, and viola! I was amazed and thought it was the greatest invention of our kind. Not everything was as it seemed, however. I learned this very quickly and to my great fright.  Once I placed down my gold blocks, placed my new invention in the middle and surrounded it with cobblestone in the correct formation, something hellish happened. It was as if I had opened up the gates of Nether upon my world. Suddenly everything would go dark, and I was seeming trapped in a room of strange reddish, almost blood-like blocks. This defective, abnormal pig-like soldier started appearing everywhere and attacking me. But also a lot of amazing and sometimes strange loot would appear as well. The cobblestone would turn into a strange, red, glowing obsidian and the gold blocks would eventually decay into these blocks as well. Once I was done defeating the horde of “pigman”, as I would later call them, and lit up the place with torches, I discovered that what I was in was not a room at all, but a whole spire rising up into the sky. Later, the sun came back and I was able to get a better look of the structure. I found it had many uses. The blocks it was made of would burn with fire 🔥 eternally when lit. They also made for some fancy bricks 🧱 as well. I retrieved my device and learned I could use it again. (I made sure I planned ahead next time). I suppose it was kinda cool to have a way to gain a few Nether resources since technology had not yet advanced enough to travel to the Nether. I kept my invention very well hidden and told no one. Unfortunately, in my old age I cannot seem to remember where it was that  I hid it. No matter… The technology to visit the Nether suddenly appeared much later when I discovered a portal hidden away in a secret cave under a mountain full of emeralds. To this day I have no idea where it came from or who (or what) built it. I have my eyes on those mysterious Endermen, however. There's just  something about them that just doesn't add up. I need to find out where they come from and what they are doing here in my world… This is my quest…the quest of this General...until the End….

Well, that is all for now, my friends. I am becoming tired and need to rest these old bones. Let's remember to take care of one another and our community. Until next time, Miners…

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]


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What I do, I do for free, but it does take up my time and is a lot of work. Every little bit helps me out to keep the lights on for me and my family. Donations are NOT required. Thank you.

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