Minecraft: Bedrock Edition gets beta with handful of fixes

A small performance Beta has been released, folks. One step closer to 1.17 Snapshots...


When will we get the Caves and Cliffs Update?

Minecraft may have taken over the internet with their exciting Minecraft Live event for a while, but we're back to business as usual with another new beta update rolling out to insiders of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Beta follows the previous beta that included a ton of changes with a tiny handful of fixes. This is all leading up to one last big patch that will release to the public as part of the Nether Update before Mojang Studios begins showing us their work on the next major update for Minecraft: the Caves and Cliffs Update.

You can wait for these changes and all the prior changes made in recent betas to come to the public, or you can enroll in the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta yourself and be among the first to test out and give feedback on this update and future updates.

The changelog for beta includes:

Performance & stability

  • Fixed a crash on that could occur when Player 1 in a split-screen session disconnects their controller


  • When the /clone command replaces a double chest with another double chest, it now sets their pairing correctly upon load. This way it doesn't cause errors before it ticks to match up the pair


  • Touchscreen input "Chat and Commands" UI element now has a darker border

  • "Tip" messages no longer appear off screen

  • Added the ability to animate the placement of a structure with the /structure command

  • Changed vignette layer from 4 to 5 to prevent drawing vignette in between hotbar items

Technical changes

  • Fixed updating of bounding box to happen after proper scale has been set

Source: https://www.windowscentral.com/minecraft-bedrock-edition-gets-beta-11610060-handful-fixes

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