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What's going down, my Master Miners…

This is a very special MMG⛏Minecraft 📰 News Update!!!

A very special non-profit organization recently approached me and told me about their organization and about a really amazing fundraising event they have planned in the very near future. I have taken some time looking into this organization and the event, and after a little back and forth correspondence with the organization, I am prepared and excited to get behind them 100%.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you all to get to know who Shaws4Shelters.org is. Please visit their website at www.Shawls4Shelters.org, on Instagram @shawls4shelters, on Twiiter @Shawls4S and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Shawls4Shelters-2489065584674230.

Shawls4Shelters is operated by “A group of young adolescents trying to make a difference in tomorrow...By donating, volunteering and fundraising.” 

Here is a little more from them on their website:

“We are striving to help make the world a better place, one step at a time. Our non-profit organization goes from community to community and partners up with the local homeless shelters to help raise money for them. Currently, we do so through the sales of products like shawls and various fundraisers.”

So, now that you know something about them, let me tell you about this awesome fundraising event they are planning…

“Shawls4Shelters.org will be hosting a Minecraft "Build War" competition to help raise money for the homeless. The goal of this competition is to build the most original and creative structure/work of art on Minecraft, and share it with us to be judged by a public audience.”

“All proceeds from this event will go towards helping the homeless

There are no limitations to your build - the only thing that matters is your imagination!”

🌐 http://www.shawls4shelters.org/

So, there is a lot more on their website regarding rules, how to sign up for the event, how to donate for the cause, and more. If you don’t wish to participate in the event, then PLEASE donate to this event so that we ALL can make a difference in our world and local communities.

On a personal note: As a former “adolescent”,  I too experienced the pains, humiliation and depression of homelessness. I have experienced this first-hand in my life for a long time. But that was many years ago. I will never forget what that was like...to need the most basic things that I today take for granted. I do not want to forget. I do not want to take what God has given me today for granted. I want instead to show my gratitude for what He has done for me and given me, and for all those volunteers in the my past that helped me, clothed me, fed me, in my local shelters, and helped me get a brand new life. 

Therefore, the General has already made a donation to this Shawls4Shelters.org and I WILL be submitting a build for this battle!!!! Who is with me?

Let's remember that we are all called to take care of one another and our community, not just in our Minecraft worlds, but in the real world too. Until next time, Miners…

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]

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