Minecraft Live: Vote For The Iceologer!

What's going down, my Master Miners?!

Mojang just released the video for the second mob to be voted on at Minecraft Live! The Iceologer will be my vote because I am an avid Minecraft Survival player and would love any opportunity to make the game even more challenging. After watching the video, I began to think there is a bit of a hint or a clue in that video that possibly points to a new awesome feature that may be added to the game in 1.17.

If you notice, Lady Agnes's character is complaining of the cold and shivering, but Jens is not. I think we are meant to focus on the fact she is cold. The interesting thing here is that no one worries about being cold in Minecraft because we don't get cold in Minecraft. Is Mojang hinting that temperature and the effect of it will be added to 1.17?

Something to think about...

I would love to hear what everyone thinks about this and which mob you will be voting for and why.

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