Minecraft Player Goes Viral For Passing 2000 In-Game Days in Hardcore Server

Yes! Another amazing record-breaker...

I think it's absolutely amazing what some of our Minecraft Community are doing out there with our favorite game of Minecraft. I cannot imagine having 2,000 in-game Minecraft days on a series. However, I am surely confident that I will get there (and beat it) .

Keep watching the General's Keep, and stay tuned.... ;)


One Minecraft content creator achieves the incredible by playing on a hardcore Minecraft server and surviving for over 2,000 days and counting.

Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games of the modern age, thanks to its unrestrictive and simplistic gameplay. With Minecraft gathering over 600 million active users as of November 29, the game is somehow only continuing to grow more than a decade after its initial release.

One of Minecraft’s biggest strengths is the flexibility that it allows players to have when playing through the game, enabling players to build, play together, or survive alone with a ton of variables. Now, one Minecraft player has managed to survive on the game’s hardcore mode for over 2,000 in-game days.

This player is actually Minecraft content creator Luke TheNotable, who has an ongoing series where he survives day-by-day in a Minecraft hardcore server. For those who may not know, Minecraft’s hardcore mode locks the player’s world on the “Hard” difficulty and prevents players from respawning at all when they die. Dying in a Minecraft hardcore world essentially means that the world is lost entirely, with no way of going back to a previous save state. As such, it’s very impressive that Luke TheNotable has managed to survive this long.

Luke TheNotable has managed to not only survive, but flourish in his Minecraft hardcore series. He has managed to create some incredibly impressive systems and automated elements throughout his Minecraft town, expediting the process of villager trading and farming far beyond what normal players do. In an interview with Polygon, Luke TheNotable mentioned that he has no intention on stopping his Minecraft hardcore series, wanting to push the series as far as it can go. Considering Minecraft is YouTube’s most watched game for 2020, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Still, it’s impressive to see just how far Luke TheNotable has come since the start of the series. The early stages of Minecraft are always more challenging than the late game, considering players start the game with virtually nothing. Especially when playing hardcore mode when anything can kill you, players have to be extremely careful with their decision making. However, once players start getting into more advanced mechanics in Minecraft like potion brewing and full enchanted armor sets, the challenge definitely begins to ease up.

Of course, Luke TheNotable isn’t just surviving in his day-to-day gameplay. His Minecraft world features some amazing builds as well, such as an automatic villager farm that allows him to get the best in-game trades. Those interested in seeing the extremes that players can go to through vanilla Minecraft should definitely give Luke TheNotable’s series a watch. Hopefully, he will be able to stick out his hardcore Minecraft run for many more days to come.

Source: https://gamerant.com/minecraft-player-goes-viral-passing-2000-game-days-hardcore-server/

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