MineMaster Monday!!!

What’s going down, Master Miners...

It's MineMaster Monday!!! 

That means I will be doing a livestream today. The stream will be from Noon to 2pm (PST).  You will be able to find the General LIVE on Twitch, FaceBook Gaming, and Omlet Arcade. I will upload today’s stream to YouTube tomorrow for my YouTube Subscribers.

Today’s stream will be Episode IX of the General’s Keep - A Minecraft Realms Adventure. We will be focused on a couple things today. One...finding and conquering what I suspect is a 2nd zombie mob spawner near our first one (now a Drowned Farm). 

Two...Transferring the names of all MMG “Hall of Honor” inductees into our new facility at the General’s Keep from Mysterium - Season VI of the MineMaster Chronicles.

Please let me know you are there in the chats and I'll shout you out! Also remember that Stream participation awards 3PP each time. in the MMG “Emerald Pass” Contest. I will also be announcing this week’s “Hall of Honor” winner and giving an update on all things MMG.

Be sure that you are Following the MMG Twitch channel so that you will be alerted when the General goes LIVE: 

http://bit.ly/TwitchMMG (Link in BIO or DM for Link). I hope to see you all there. Until next time, Miners... 

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]

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