MineMaster Monday!!!

What's going down, my Master Miners?!

Today is MineMaster Monday! Our livestream will be broadcast from 10pm-12am (PST).  During my MineMaster Monday livestreams, you will be able to find the General LIVE on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Omlet Arcade, and on YouTube. If the stream fails to broadcast to YouTube, I will upload the stream to YouTube the next day for my YouTube Subscribers.

This will be Episode XVII of the General’s Keep - A Minecraft Realms Adventure. In this episode, we will be working on the following tasks:

1. Work on the new "Hall of Honor" building.

2. Mining.

3. Work on the Keep Wall.

4. Work on the Nether Hub.

5. Announce September's "Emerald Pass" Contest Winner

6. Announce this week's newest inductee to our Hall of Honor.

Please share this with others and tag your friends so that they can join us. Until then, my friends...Keep It Sharp! ⛏

“General's Keep” (Episode XVII) - A Minecraft Realms Adventure [Bedrock] A LITTLE BUT OF EVERYTHING 


(Link in BIO or DM for Link)

Let's all remember to take care of one another and our communities. Until next time, Miners...

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]

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💎 This livestream is a fundraiser. Please help me help a good friend and member of our streaming community as she battles cancer and tries to support her children as a single mother. The goal set for her  needs on the GoFundMe account set up by her sister is at $10,000. I will be using all of my videos and livestreams as a fundraiser for her until that goal is met. Please click the following link to help out one of ours:

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