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What's going down, my Master Miners,

This is an MMG 📣 Announcement...

For those of you who watch my MineMaster Monday Live Streams from the General’s Keep, you know that I have mentioned my desire to replace and redesign the structure I built to house the Hall of Honor. My idea to replace the current structure is to create more of a bowl-like structure, similar to a miniature stadium, with a statue in the middle honoring our champions. As I continued to think about what design this statue should take on, I also started to think how grand it would be to have such a statue on a larger scale replacing the current structure completely because of the central location it has in relation to the Keep entirely. This train of thought led me to consider building my new Hall of Honor design in another spot opposite its current residence atop the ridge of the plateau where the Keep is constantly being built and upgraded. Within the newly-designed Hall of Honor structure I would still intend to build a smaller version of the same statue that would be built where the Hall of Honor currently rests.

Now that I have explained a couple of my future design ideas for the Keep, I would like to focus on the statue itself and how this pertains to this build contest.

I have seen a great many statue builds that are absolutely incredible - some simple, and some not so simple. A few have been quite epic. I know that there are a great many who follow the General that are themselves very talented builders. There are also many who have not yet won our “Emerald Pass” contest who would really like to be a part of the General’s Keep Bedrock Realm. Well, I think in the interim this new Build Battle contest may be an incredible way for someone to be a part of the Keep in more ways than one.

Therefore, during the month of September, I will host the MMG “Battle of the Keep” Build contest. The deadline for build submissions will be September 23 at 11:59pm (PST). At that time, all entries must be submitted, and must be done as a video. These videos must be sent to me as a shareable link to wherever the video is stored (DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube Channel, etc.). All submissions will be added to a public poll hosted on that will close at 11:59pm (PST). The video submission with the most votes will win and will be announced in a video I will post on YouTube and will be showcased. The winner will also be granted immediate and automatic entry into the General’s Keep. Following the release of that video in September, work will commence on building the winner’s build with or without the winner’s assistance. However, the Winner is absolutely encouraged to help duplicate his or her winning entry at the Keep, both the large scale version that will sit at the current location of the Hall of Honor, and the smaller version that will be built within the newly-designed Hall of Honor structure to be built in the future.

Now for the requirements of the Build:

  1. The statue must resemble as close as possible to the General’s current Minecraft skin.

  2. He must have both a sword and his iconic pickaxe. (Not necessarily holding both simultaneously)

  3. Since the emerald is also iconic to the General, it must also be included in the build in some capacity.(whether its image is created as part of the build or used as building blocks)

  4. The build must be submitted as a video with a sharable link. (DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube Channel, etc.)

The Winner’s name will be attached to the base of the statues that will be duplicated at the Keep, and a separate special video will be done when the larger of the two statues have been completed, giving a final spotlight on the creator. Any social media the Winner may have will also be blasted across the entire MMG network, and a special page will be set up on spotlighting the Winner’s build, and offering continuous updates to the progress of its duplication at the Keep with photos and/or videos.

All participants of this contest will automatically receive 50PPs in the “Emerald Pass” contest upon submission of their builds. 2nd Place will receive an additional 100PPs, and 3rd Place will receive an additional 50PPs. Therefore, it is possible that one of these could also gain entry into the General’s Keep in the same month as the Winner.

I wish you all good luck on your quest…

Thank you everyone ahead of time for your participation in this contest. Let's remember to take care of one another and our community. Until next time, Miners…

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]












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