MMG Livestream is MOVING!!!

What's going down, my Master Miners…

This is an MMG📣Special Announcement:

I am moving my regularly scheduled Live-streams from Saturday nights from 9:00pm (PST) to Monday's from Noon to 3:00pm (PST). Instead of “Saturday Stream” it will be “MineMaster Monday's”. I hope this new change will allow for more if you to view my live-streams. ALSO… I will no longer be streaming from YouTube. I will only be streaming from Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and Omlet Arcade. I will also be doing several unannounced and unscheduled live-streams exclusively on Twitch, so be sure you FOLLOW my Twitch so that you are alerted when I go live. All “MineMaster Monday” live-streams will be uploaded to YouTube the next day.

I welcome any feedback on what times would be best for you. I will alter again if it seems a majority can only view my live-streams at a certain time. 

Please head over right now and Follow my Twitch:

Let's remember to take care of one another and our community. Until next time, Miners…

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]









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