NEW!!! MMG now on Patreon!!!

What's going down, my Master Miners…

This is a special MMG 📣 Announcement!!!

The General now has a Patreon site. All paid subscribers on the new Patreon site will have access to exclusive features, content, and other perks not found anywhere else in the MMG Network.

Some of these to be included:

1 Access to “The Forge”. An anarchy Minecraft Bedrock Realm where the rules are there are no rules. Play at your own risk. (OPEN NOW)

2 Access to a new Creative Minecraft Bedrock Realm. Details to come. (COMING SOON)

3 Access to Exclusive videos and live sessions.

4 Free MMG Merch every 3 months. (COMING SOON)

5 More coming depending on the subscription level.

Please support the General on @patreon. The link is down below. Every little bit me and my family out and allows me to expand upon what I can provide to my viewers both in content and quality.

MMG Patreon:

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support of the General and of the channel. Let's remember to take care of one another and our community. Until next time, Miners...

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


(Joshua 24:15)









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