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Have you tried the new RTX Beta maps, the ones we released in partnership with NVIDIA? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hold your ray-traced horses because I’ll explain how you get your hands on them a little bit further down. Right now we need to focus, because the third wave of RTX content and updates we’re releasing today hasn’t just fixed a bunch of bugs, but has made the experience of cutting-edge path-traced ray tracing even sharper, pathier, and tracier. Oh, those aren’t all real words? To that I say, innovation spawns new nomenclature. Also, if Shakespeare could invent new words so can I! 

Let’s stop worrying about made-up words, that leads to questions about whether or not writing degrees have been fabricated and we don’t want that. Not when there are new maps to explore! The Creator Worlds Pack #3 features two new maps that don’t just look gorgeous but also come with new gameplay!


Step through mysterious gateways that transport you into new worlds! The immersive story comes with a voice over and a helpful robot companion. You and your friends can work together to complete challenging puzzles, fight unique monsters, and explore dazzling sci-fi inspired worlds!


Get your friends together for a group adventure in an abandoned aquarium! Explore a vast island that features majestic coral reefs and collectible rare species of flora and fauna. Together you can restore the aquarium, research new species, capture unique animals, and unlock new building materials. What are you waiting for, let’s dive in! 

If you’ve already installed Minecraft with RTX beta, load up the Microsoft Store app and check for updates, because a new version of the client was recently released. 

For the complete changelog, continue below, and stay tuned to for further Minecraft with RTX news and updates.

Minecraft with RTX Beta Known Issues List

Welcome to the Minecraft with RTX Beta Known Issues List.  

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Having an issue with the beta? Check out the FAQ at for some common solutions.

We are aware that some players may have issues leaving the Minecraft RTX Beta. We are working closely with the Xbox Insider Hub team to get this fixed. Thank you for your patience! You can check the progress on our bug tracker site: Minimum Requirements for the Minecraft with RTX Beta

  • OS: Windows 10 64bit

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent

  • RAM: 8GB+

  • Latest NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver

  • VR and Windows Phone and not supported

Please note that at this time ray tracing cannot be enabled for all world seeds. To experience ray tracing you can either (1) download a free RTX enabled world from the Marketplace or (2) create your own textures that make us of the physically based rendering system and sideload them into the game. You can find instructions for creating your own PBR content for Minecraft at Top ten known issues for the RTX beta when ray tracing is enabled:

  1. Nether Update features are not available

  2. Nether dimension is not optimized for ray tracing

  3. End dimension is not optimized for ray tracing

  4. Flickering and twinkling of some blocks, especially emissive and highly reflective materials

  5. Dark noise on the periphery of a player’s vision when moving quickly through different settings and light levels

  6. Player's hand clips through blocks

  7. Clouds are too opaque

  8. In first person mode, only the player’s arm is reflected in mirrors

  9. Game window flickers and scrambles during screen resizing

  10. Mobs can display visual noise in motion

Physically Based Materials and Texture Pack Authoring

  • Content created today for the beta will not be compatible with the future texture format.

  • The format for authoring new texture packs with metallic, emissive, and roughness properties will be changing between the beta and the future release.

  • Raytracefog command will be changing between the beta and future releases

  • Flipbook textures do not support MER and Normal textures

  • No support for authoring PBR materials for entities

  • No support for authoring PBR materials for skins or Character Creator items

Nether Dimension

  • Nether Update features are not available in the RTX beta

  • Nether dimension is not optimized for ray tracing

  • Sunlight is visible when some chunks are not rendered in Nether

  • Visibility in first person camera perspective is too clear when standing in Nether Portal

  • Nether Portals do not emit light

  • Blaze mob does not emit light

End Dimension

  • End dimension is not optimized for ray tracing

  • There is no sky in The End dimension

  • End Portal Blocks have plain textures

  • During its death animation, Ender Dragon has its textures improperly rendered

  • End Portals do not emit light

  • Ghosting effect is visible on the edges of the End Stone Blocks when moving around in the End Dimension

Overworld Entities

  • Mobs can display visual noise in motion

  • Villagers with professions are spawning with unemployed villager clothes on

  • Mooshroom's mushrooms are glowing slightly in the dark

  • Slime mob has no face

  • Tropical Fish is missing parts of its fins

  • White/Grey Horses change their coat colors when wearing Leather Horse Armors

  • Certain Entities flicker for a few seconds after being spawned via Spawn Egg

  • Various entities render in front of Glass Blocks and Glass Panes

Potions and Status Effects

  • Invisibility status has no effect on Enderman, Spider, Cave Spider and Phantom

  • Night Vision effect is significantly brighter with ray tracing

  • Dragon Fireballs, Ghast Fireballs and Purple Cloud emitted from the Dragon’s Breath attack are not visible


  • All banners are black

  • Ice Blocks have low transparency

  • Underwater TNT Block looks like a normal TNT block

  • Hopper from Minecart with Hopper does not have its interior rendered

  • Framed/dropped items can become oversized after suspending the game

  • Book on the Lectern is noisy on the edges

  • After throwing a Trident screen goes black for a moment

Multiplayer, Skins, and Character Creator

  • Player username are not visible in multiplayer

  • Some Persona Body Parts are rendered in too bright colors

  • Game crashes for Host in Multiplayer game after Client edits their Persona Character to the skin with complex geometry

  • Multiplayer character body can sometimes have arms and legs render in wrong place

  • Skin animations are absent with ray tracing enabled (i.e. blinking)


  • Maps may not render

  • Black square under Player's position while using Locator Map

  • Drawn Maps held in hand can penetrate a solid Block

  • Drawn Map renders with a black semi-transparent background

  • Maps becomes noisy when it's placed on item frame while Player holds another map

Other known issues:

  • Game window flickers and scrambles during screen resizing

  • Player's Hand clips through blocks

  • Clouds are too opaque

  • In first person mode, only the player’s arm is reflected in mirrors

  • Blocks materialize when placed

  • Destroying/obstructing light sources does not make the light disappear instantly

  • Stained Glass Blocks are brighter when Player is far away from them

  • Particle effects are not visible through transparent Blocks held in Hand

  • Blocks pushed by Pistons flash white

  • Water is clipping through Boats

  • Some Doors and Trapdoors models render incorrectly when opened

  • Torchlight noise increases dramatically with number of torches in view

  • Glass Blocks, Glass Pane Blocks and Beacon do not have transparency when held in hand

  • The shadow after the movement of the hand can remain on the screen briefly after the Torch is destroyed

  • Torch flame is slightly offset from Torch stem when viewed through Glass

  • HD textures get blurry at glancing angle and in the distance

  • Smoke renders in front of Stained Glass and Stained Glass Pane blocks, even though it is behind

  • Adjusting brightness in Video Settings Menu has no in-game effect



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