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Updated: Sep 1

What’s going down, my Master Miners…

My most popular feature so far of all my content is my MineMaster Monday Live Stream. I get the most participation from everyone, the most Likes, and the most views. The General’s Keep is becoming more and more popular every week. Because of this, I get asked by someone at least once a day if they can join my Minecraft Realms. Therefore, I came up with a great solution that would be fair and provide equal opportunity for all, ensuring the person I add would be a true MMG follower and not someone who is seeking to join the General's Keep only to troll. 

My solution is a contest. This contest would be available and open to ALL MMG followers and Subscribers from any and all social media platforms that you can find the General. The winner of this contest will receive an Emerald Pass (Realm's Code) to join the General’s Keep. Not only would the winner have full access to my Minecraft Realms, it would give them the opportunity to play with me and be a part of my live-streams for all to see. As you can probably guess, many are going to want to win the Emerald Pass and competition will be fierce. However, it is an equal opportunity for all, and anyone could win the Emerald Pass.

So the first question that will come to everyone's mind is “how do I win the Emerald Pass?” The winner will be determined by a contest of points. Participation Points (PP) will be awarded for each activity done on any MMG social media post or platform. These points will be added and recorded each and every day, and the tally will determine the winner at the end of the contest time frame. Here are the specific details of the Emerald Pass contest and the PP to be awarded:

The MMG Emerald Pass contest will run during each month. The winner will be announced on the 1st of every month, and the Emerald Pass will be awarded. Please note the following: Members in the General’s Keep may not be permanent. As per Keep rules, permanent membership status shall be determined by a majority vote of all Keep members at the end of a 30-day probationary period of any new member. Any violation of any Keep rules may also result in an immediate ban from the Keep. 

The following point awards are for MMG posts and social media…

PP Awards:

  • LIKE a post - 1 point

  • COMMENT on a post - 2 points

  • SHARE a post - 3 points

  • TAG a friend in a post - 3 points

  • FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to the General on any MMG platform - 5 points (Screenshot proof must be provided)

  • FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to the General on ALL MMG social media - Bonus 1 point for each platform. (Screenshot proof must be provided)

  • SHARE an MMG profile or MMG social media platform - 3 points.

  • If someone follows/subscribed to the General that you referred - 10 points (The new follower/subscriber must tell me you referred them.)

  • Participate in an MMG Livestream chat - 10 points

  • Create an MMG Forum topic on the website - 5 points

  • Commenting on an MMG Forum Topic - 5 points

  • Create an MMG social group on the website - 5 points

  • Invite friends to an MMG Social group - 5 points

  • Submitting a Minecraft Seed for review on the MMG Seed Submission Google Form - 5 points

Please do not hesitate to reach out if there are any questions or concerns. Also, please remember that the General’s Keep is a Minecraft BEDROCK Realms. You will need to have access to the Bedrock version of Minecraft in order to join the Keep if you are awarded the Emerald Pass. Any suspicions of fraud during the course of this contest may result in immediate disqualification. All MMG Social Media Platforms are listed in the Links section of the website (below).  Good luck to you all. 

Let's remember to take care of one another and our community. Until next time, Miners…

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]


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