Welcome "CBlue Mc"!!!

Welcome “CBlue Mc” to the General’s Command!

You were 2nd place in the MMG “Emerald Pass” contest for the month of October. As is the norm, only the winner of that contest is to receive the code to the General's Keep. However, as it turns out, the winner has declined to join the Keep. Therefore, the code has now been passed on to you, as a reward for your exceptional support of the General during the past month. 

Please everyone show some love to the newest member of the General’s Command and our 13th player on the General’s Keep Minecraft Bedrock Realm. 

YT: CBlue Mc

IG: @cblue_mc

Twitter: @CBlueMc1

Let’s remember to always take care of one another and our community.

Keep It Sharp! ⛏


[Joshua 24:15]

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